Crew Base Pros

This is probably a quick question, but I would just like to know, are there any advantages to living in the city of an airlines crew base? I’m asking this about airlines in the US.


That or live close enough to drive. Commuting is taxing on a pilot. Sometimes, depending on your start time, you may have to fly out the day before or, depending on when you finish, you may have to stay an extra day.

I have only met one pilot that actually prefers to commute. I’ve lived within 30 minutes from the airport since I started at Horizon. I’m glad I took the advice I received from retired airline pilots.



Living close to your base will greatly improve your quality of life. It’s not just the fact there’s no commute to get to/from work. I actually bid Reserve and do much better scheduling wise because I’m only 25min from the airport. When I’m on call I can go about my business, gym, beach whatever and if they call I still have plenty of time to get to work. Additionally if a last minute trip pops up you can grab it. If you can live close you should.



There are huge advantages to living in base. The first is that you will not waste hours (or days) of your life commuting each week and with that will have significantly less stress. By living in base you will have significantly more time at home and thus more time with your family.

I have commuted my entire career, it is the one career decision that I really regret. Yes, it allows me to live where I want, but that comes at a very high price time wise.