Crew Cross-Country Lodging Question

Hello again everyone,

After just posting my first question about an hour ago and receiving great answers quickly, I realized I did have another question. During the cross-country phase of training, during overnight stays away from your training center, does the student pay for their hotels or does ATP already have arrangements for this and build it into the price of the program? I have read several times that the cost quoted was the cost paid (not including examiners fees as stated), just wondering if everything incidental to training like this was accounted for as well…

Thanks again for all the help!


Yes, transportation and accommodation will be taken care of by ATP during cross countries. CFI school will also include accommodation (probably student housing) and you will have the option to get a car if you don’t want to drive out (the car is shared with up to 5 other students).



To add a little bit to this, students on their cross countries will typically fly to other ATP locations and overnight there in ATP housing. When housing is not available or the overnight is at a non ATP location a hotel will be provided. There are times when you might have to pay for the car rental or hotel, but ATP will very quickly put the money back onto your card.

You should never have to pay for transportation (other than at your home training airport) or hotels at any point during your training.


Great, I was hoping that would be part of the program, and figured it would be sine I’d never heard anybody gripe about it!