Crew lounges

I imagine it varies a lot by airline/airport, but generally what are crew lounges like and how do they function in the course of your day as a pilot?



We have crew lounges at all of our hub airports and some of our larger out stations. Most of them have very comfortable chairs, wifi, TV, a sleeping room with cot type beds and are very dark and quiet. I can usually sleep like a baby in them. That being said, I tend to only go down there for the longer sits. Anything less than two hours and I generally stay up in the terminal.



I’ve only seen the crew lounge for Horizon in SEA and PDX. I’ve also seen
Alaska’s crew room in SJC. They all remind me of a break room. Couches, TV,
a monitor of all of the day’s operations so crews know what plane they’re
in and where it is parked, snacks, microwaves, fridges, tables and chairs,
computers for checking in for a trip and bidding, snooze rooms for naps,
bathrooms, showers…



As you said, I imagine it varies as well. That said I’ve worked for 2 airlines and have had occasion to visit a few other airlines crewrooms so there are some commonalities. There’s usually an area with a number of computers for checking weather, getting flight plans and other paperwork, checking schedules and other work related activities. There’s also other computers for “personal” use during down time. Meeting area to chat and brief other crewmembers and also a dark, quiet area for rest breaks. Finally kitchen/dining area with fridges and microwaves for storing and eating and usually a few TVs scattered around for watching the game or whatever.

Again I’m sure other’s have more amenities but that should give you an idea.


Thank you all for the responses. Very helpful