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Custom Finish up Program Timeline/cost

Hey just a few general questions here, Im working on my instrument right now at a local flight school but wanted to take advantage of ATPs custom finish up program. however Im not seeing much in terms of an estimated timeline to finish Commercial-CFII/MEI?
and I contacted ATP and they wont give me a quote till I finish my instrument. Can someone give me a estimated cost and timeframe just to plan around?

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The custom finish up program is new and thus you might not find anybody that is able to comment on it. I think that the admissions department is hesitant to give out a price because there are so many variables that go into it and each person will have different amounts of flight time that could really affect the final price.


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Hey Hunter!

I feel like I am probably the right person to respond here haha… I got my PPL/IR elsewhere and decided ATP would be the best way for me to finish up everything.

The timeframe posted on the main website is accurate. Take each week they budget for each stage and add it up. I started at the KAPA location on August 6 IIRC and since then I’ve earned my Comm SE and I’m scheduled for CFI Nov 5th. KAPA is apparently experiencing a DPE shortage rn (only location nationwide with this issue) so they’re telling us it’ll be a week or so delay.

Pre-DPE delay I was set to finish up Comm SE, CFI, CFII, Comm ME Add On, MEI by Dec 5th ish and then also budget an additional 7 days for ATP-CTP.

I won’t disclose an actual cost (not sure if they’d like that) but for me they ended up valuing my PPL and IR at around $30,000 discount off the normal 0-hero pricing. Chris is spot on here, this pricing all depends on how many AATD hours you have, XC hours, etc etc. ATPs program is shaped a little bit differently than some other programs so you may find yourself lacking in certain hours that a 0-hero ATP student working on the same rating as you might not be. Take my estimate with a grain of salt!

As far as deviations from schedule when I first joined I had to do a sort of “on-boarding” week and a half of Instrument sims/local XC flights with my instructor before being sent off to crew. Crew is slated to take 3 weeks, my partner and I did it in 8 days and it seems most people I know got their crew done in 6-10 days total.

CFI school is currently being conducted with 2 weeks of Zoom based learning, and about 2 weeks of flying before the checkride.

When you do get your IR make sure you do a FULL logbook audit (either w a digital logbook or just good 'ol pen and paper) and make sure everything is correct, make sure you understand what hours go towards what (can’t double dip PPL for Comm, but can double dip IR stuff for Comm, etc etc) and if you have any questions ASK THEM. I made a few mistakes and I was lucky admissions caught it and helped me out.

Any other questions about the program/specifically the custom finish up feel free to ask!