Customs for Pilots

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if pilots have to go through customs like everyone else would or if they get to go in a faster line or something. Is that the case?


There are crew lines which are supposed to expedite the process (but don’t always). Many pilots who fly internationally will spend the money and get Global Entry (which anyone can get, crew or not) and that’s the fastest.



Yes. Pilots and other crew members go through what’s called a “known crew
member” access point. I don’t think every airport has KCM, but those that
don’t typically allow the crew to move to the front of the lines.


They do? I’ve been flying Internationally for 13yrs and never noticed KCM at customs? :slight_smile: Btw, if you try and jump the line at customs you may get shot!


Oh ok. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

United actually covers the cost of Global Entry for us, which is $100 for five years.

Cool! Does united also pay for type rating after you get hired by them??

Calgary let’s us skip the line

We know what Tory meant. Down Simba.

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Yes, almost all airlines do.

If ya can’t mess with the new guy what’s the point? :slight_smile: