Daily work life

I’m wondering about things like how early do you start work before the actual departure? How often are you home each night? And do pilots often stay in a hotel?

I’m also wondering how these things are affecting by seniority.


We generally start work one hour prior to departure, international flights can be up to two hours prior. Pilots generally spend upwards of 15 nights on the road each month, sometimes less. On the nights we are away, we stay in hotels. Seniority does play into this, but single day trips can be elusive. Pilots by definition fly to far away places, that means nights on the road.

Take a look at the Schedules section of this website, it will give you an idea oh how much we are gone.



EVERYTHING is effected by seniority! While the show times are controlled contractually, everything else you bid on. There are long overnights and short overnights. There are trips with high credit that will get you more days off and very inefficient trips that will cause you to work (and be away from home) more. If you’re a commuter there are commutable trips that will get you home sooner or allow you to get to work later. If you’re senior you’ll get what you want, if you’re not you get what’s left over.



Feel free to check out our schedules section. It will give you a better idea of how many nights we’re typically on the road and the length of trips, etc.


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