David Clark headset recommendations

I’ve decided to go with a David Clark headset. Any recommendations as far as which model is best?

Here we go again. Standby for the passionate arguments for Bose :slight_smile:



I’ve never used a DC headset, but if I were to buy one I would buy a DC PRO-X or DC ONE-X. Whatever you end up buying, don’t skimp out. You want your headset to be comfortable and last a long time.

Also, make sure your headset is TSO approved. Non-TSO headsets are okay for GA flying, but not for part 121. Might as well buy a TSO headset now and save yourself the headache.


No Chris. He already said he decided on the DCs. They’re fine, very durable and come in your choice of puke or swamp green. BUT, if you want the best… :wink:



What he said

I’m with Adam. Bose A20 for the win. The earcups cradle your ears like hands of angels, and the automatic noise cancelling drowns out the droning on of even the most insistent spouses (hidden feature). But seriously, A20s are comfy and well built (just don’t tear off the battery door tether), sound quality is top notch, and I never struggle to hear what ATC is telling me. On a very very rare occasion I get pressure spots around of where my glasses get pressed against my head. But that’s usually after 3+ hours of flying. Try them before committing and then look for a deal (like Black Friday). I actually found a new in the box set on a popular auction site for $850 shipped.

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Aha I understand that a Bose would be better. This choice is financial though.


Of course the choice is financial but there’s an old expression “penny smart and pound foolish”. I suspect you’ve already discovered that flight training isn’t cheap. I also suspect you’re starting your flight training for a career in aviation. Whatever headset you choose you’ll be rocking for at least 9mos of training (if you’re going to ATP), 1.5yrs as an instructor and anywhere from 3-7-10-forever or however many years you’re at a Regional. That’s a LONG time to wear a clamp on your head vs an investment that becomes negligible when spread out over the years. Just saying.


Oh yeah, I completely understand. These would be mostly for training and part of instructing until I could save for something of higher quality.

Those new Bose Proflight headsets look mighty purty. Christmas is just around the corner. :sunglasses:

Edit: Take that back, stick with the A20s, not so good reviews for the Proflight. :unamused:

A20s are tried and true. I think the Proflight is just too new of a concept and Bose hasn’t quite fixed all the kinks.

I didn’t have any issues with the standard David Clark H10-13.4 for two years or so of use. As far as “best” goes, you’re probably looking at the $700-900 Pro pairs so, yeah, might as well go with Bose at that point.

I flew with a CA that had the new Proflights. It took him an entire 4-day trip to figure out his mic was on backwards (pilot error). I tried them on. Very comfortable and lightweight. Good for pilots that wear corrective lenses or sunglasses because the headset doesn’t impede with the temples. Like the website suggests, they will be popular among pilots that fly in quiet pressurized aircraft. I love my A20’s too much to part with them though. However, I have the older A20 model. I’m looking to upgrade the control module.


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Thanks everybody! I really appreciate all the advice.