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Day To Day Experience Of Career Choice

Strongly considering changing careers and becoming an airline pilot. Flying is something I’ve always wanted to do and sounds like something I would enjoy immensely but I’m curious what the actual experience of doing it as a career day in and day out is like.

Does it remain a fun experience? Does the reality of doing it as a career turn it into a headache that robs it of its allure? Do the requirements of your employer get irritating and burdensome?

Or does the opportunity to fly strongly outweigh any other concerns that might otherwise be associated with doing it as a career?


The answer to your questions is YES to all of them. What I mean by that is it really comes down to the individual. I absolutely LOVE my job but everyday I fly with pilots who swear it’s one step away from indentured servitude. Every job has it’s challenges and has good and bad days but for me the bad days are nothing more than inconveniences. This is why I really feel having a love for aviation is important. If you don’t have a passion for it, anything can become just a job.


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I think the answer depends on the attitude of the pilot. If you decide to be an airline pilot because you’re passionate about flying, you’ll take the bad days knowing that the good ones still far outweigh them.
I had a previous career before flying and on the bad days I still remind myself:
“My worst day as a pilot is still better than the best day doing _____ job.” :slight_smile:




I do still enjoy flying. Sure, it has its days like any other job, but overall I find it enjoyable and I really like the schedule and quality of life that offers.

My biggest piece of advice to keep the job enjoyable would be to move to wherever you are based. Do not set yourself up to be a lifelong commuter as that will take time, money, and energy from you.


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