Days off during program?

I was wondering how strict ATP is when students request days or time off. I plan on training at a location far away from home and one of my siblings will be getting married while I am going through ATP’s program. While I know students generally have most weekends off, what would the possibility be of getting let’s say a Friday and the following Monday off if the dates are known well in advance?

Thanks for your replies,

I just started my training out at the Addison Texas location. And they seem pretty flexible if you know the days in advance. At my location they ask for at least 2 weeks notice.


I imagine that this will not be an issue. Just remember when your program is delayed by two days that there is a reason for it… :slight_smile:



You should be fine. Get your request in ASAP. Make up for the two days either before or after you leave.


Every location is different. Talk with your instructor and then go from there. As Tory said get the request in ASAP. Something like that my location will just work around it but others may opt the more formal route and put it in with corporate.