DC SFRA question

Hey guys,

If I am flying from KILG to KJYO, MUST I enter and exit via the Leesburg Maneuvering Area (squawk 1226 no flight plan needed)… OR can I enter the SFRA at another point such as Wooly Gate and then proceed to Leesburg via ATC instructions and a discreet transponder code (and SFRA flight plan)?

In other words if I’m flying to Leesburg does it need to be through the LMA. Thanks!


I haven’t flown VFR in over 10yrs nor do I believe any of the mentors possess a current sectional for that area. It says you’re a “Verified ATP Student”, I recommend you ask a Verified ATP instructor at your location.


Appreciate it, Adam.

No one knows the answer to that question at my location, so I asked it here. I’ll keep searching.

Really? That’s no bueno. I’d call Flight Service, 1-800- WX- BRIEF. They should know.


Joe, go IFR. You’ll be good.

Generally entering through any gate VFR you file a SFRA flight plan and wait for ATC to clear you in. I’ve never tried your first option of flying through the LMA. Usually my flights are ferried into KHEF so I’m a bit south of KJYO. Definitely check with FSS, but I’m pretty sure you need a SFRA flight plan to have clearance to enter.