Debt free

I am wondering about the financing process. I would really like to cash flow this and finish with little to no debt if possible. I am about to finish my instrument rating locally and looking to finish the rest of my training with ATP. Would I be able to jump right into the crew portion of the training or would I need to start the instrument rating over and pay the full amount? I have been reading through these forums and understand that the program is very accelerated and the chance for a job while training is very low. I would like to save the money before going to training therefore looking to cut the costs if possible.


ATP offers 2 puritans programs. One with credit for your PPL and one without. If you come in with your IR you would need to repeat the curriculum as ATP is not going to pair you with one of their students without you being trained as the program dictates.

While I understand your desire to be debt free, I’d be cautious to not wait too long. Don’t so will cost you dearly in seniority and earnings.