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December ‘20 Schedule

Should have 99.72 credits for December. Took a week of vaca for Christmas. Again, decided not to travel. Picked up some extra flying instead.

Worked over Christmas, but my wife was able to drive from home Christmas evening to meet me in PAE. Enjoyed a lovely dinner and a movie.

Also, the day after Christmas we had a 3ish hour sit in SAN, the Flight Attendants and I Ubered to Ocean Beach for some tacos!!! :yum:

Happy New Year everyone!


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Sounds like you’ve had a great holiday season thus far. I remember reading that you got the Quest. How are you liking it so far? Happy New Year

I did! I love it! And so does my wife :grin: Graphics aren’t great but they are not supposed to be. You have one?

No I don’t right now. I’m thinking about getting one but I’m currently having an internal battle on whether or not I will get it’s full value with the limited amount of time that I will be able to use it since I don’t have a large amount of spare time (or maybe I do, I just always find other things to do :man_shrugging:t6:). Either way I just wanted to get your review of it and hopefully that will help me pull the trigger :sweat_smile:

Well don’t put too much stock in my “review.” Its the only VR headset I’ve ever used. I will say it has been a good distraction during lockdown for sure. So it has served its purpose in that regard.


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