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December 2021 Schedule

  1. Layover (EMA)
  2. Layover (EMA)
  4. JFK-CVG
  5. Off
  6. Off
  7. Off
  8. Off
  9. Off
  10. Off
  11. Off
  13. Covid test, yay! CVG-EMA-CGN
  14. Layover (CGN)
  16. Layover (ORD)
  17. ORD-EMA
  18. Layover (EMA)
  19. EMA-JFK
  20. Deadhead JFK-CVG
  21. Deadhead CVG-ORD
  22. ORD-EMA
  23. Layover (EMA)
  24. Layover (EMA)
  25. Layover (EMA)
  26. EMA-JFK, Jumoseat JFK-CVG
  27. Dropped deadhead JFK-CVG
  28. Off
  29. Off
  30. Off
  31. Off

Lots of work in December, but also a few days of premium pay overtime. Germand Christmas markets are super fun, and Christmas in London was awesome. I’m planning to try to add a few OT days over the next couple months as peak subsides as well.


You are most definitely livin’ the dream my friend!


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Spending a Christmas in London is a dream of mine! Definitely a bit jealous you got to do that!



Just remember that it was a dream of yours when it happens to you in the future :slight_smile:



@Adam j.k. livin’

I got to read Matthew Mcconaughey’s Greenlights book last month so that was a very fitting comment!

@Chris couldn’t have said that better myself!

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When you are away from home on a three day layover, do you get paid any kind of day rate or are you just out those days? I see you worked 16 days straight, though, some trips did end and start at CVG (your base, I assume). Did you have any down time at home between those trip or was it more or less just enough time to sleep and get clean clothes?

Hey mason! CVG is my base, but I live in West Virginia. I bid the long block of work days instead of a more traditional series or working day blocks so that I only have to drive to CVG one round trip a month (5 hours each way five or take, with no real jumpseating options). I do rent a room in a house, sort of like a apartment/crash pad for when I’m in CVG. This month, I had enough time to go to a Bengals game, a UC football game, and a minor league hockey game.

On the layovers out of base, we get paid extra only if it is working on a day off. Otherwise, we have a monthly guarantee that varies per each airline’s contract. So for the beginning of December, I was paid 4.5 hours for each of the two days of the layover in England, plus the block time of the flight back. The beginning of this specific trip was on my line from November and these were carryover days to December.

On top of hourly pay, you also get per diem. Most companies pay it out hourly, but here, you get a flat rate for each day that you leave base (CVG for me). The amount varies based on the destination, domestic or international.

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This is contracts can really vary. At United we receive a full day’s pay anytime we are away from base, regardless of whether we fly or not.

Each airline has their own pros and cons in their contracts.


Most airlines have a MDG (Min Daily Guarantee) which is usually between 4-5hrs of pay for days you’re on duty but not flying.


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