December ‘21 QX Schedule and Day 1 at Alaska!

Congrats on your assignment Tory!! That’s so exciting! You deserve it

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Congrats Tory! Awesome to watch you progress!

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Hey Tory, I’ve got interviews with envoy and horizon living in pdx that leaves me commuting to either Chicago or sea respectively. The logical decision is horizon with short commute and picking up extra trips but I find myself with the unfounded perception envoy is more stable and more advantageous with the flow and larger destinations for travel on off time. Im hoping to know more about horizon such as how you enjoyed it. We’re you ever limited in jumps eating on other airlines and is there opportunity for pilots to expand and work administrative roles?


I’m sure Tory can give you far more details on Horizon than I can but just to chime in. While I’m not dogging Envoy, Horizon has actually been around almost twice as long as Envoy has. More important Tory made it to Alaska in under 5yrs. That’s considerably faster than the American flows have been over the years.

I’d choose the easier commute and look at pay, benefits etc. I believe your other reasons are in fact unfounded.


Thanks for the response Adam. Duly noted!

Correct, the only time I would do a handflown CAT III HGS approach (no autoland) is after checking the differences in required equipment and having something in-op (which does not allow an autoland but does allow a handflown CAT III approach).

Autoland requires both A/Ps, handflown CAT III HGS requires 0.

Autoland requires autothrottles, handflown does not.

Autoland requires 2 DEU (DPC for MAX), handflown requires only #2

Autoland requires 2 FCC, handflown requires only FCC B

Autoland requires 2 FDs, handflown requires only FO FD

If any of those items were to fail enroute, and did not permit an autoland but did permit a handflown CAT III HGS, that’s a case where I see it working. But to your point, these things almost never fail, and my standard practice is to use a Hybrid approach (Autoland w/ HGS). That gets us the lowest RVR for landing.


Congratulations on your interviews. That in it of itself is an accomplishment. Good job on getting to this stage in your career.

So, a couple things that I just need to get out of the way first. Horizon was established in 1981. It was acquired by Alaska Airlines in 1986. Neither Horizon nor Alaska have filed for bankruptcy. I also believe that Alaska and Horizon have only furloughed their pilots once and all that wanted to come back were brought back. Alaska and Horizon have a very strong track record that’s hard to beat in terms of stability. Alaska/Horizon have demonstrated their survivability even through the worst of times.

Moving on, you mentioned SEA as a potential base if you were to fly for Horizon. While true, that largely depends on which aircraft you are assigned to and where the open slots are for basing.

If you get the ERJ, then yes, you will get SEA.

If you get the Q400, you could get MFR, SEA, GEG, BOI or PDX.

If you don’t get what you want right away you can always bid for what you want. With the amount of movement that’s happening in the industry, that could happen sooner than you expect. COULD being the operative word.

Now, I don’t know you or what your priorities are, but I chose Horizon for the convenience of living in base. Traveling on my off days was not a priority for me. I did it only a handful of time and the majority of those times were just to see family.

Also, I live in SEA and was SEA based. So jumpseating was not necessary. So, I can’t speak to that. That said, every airline participates in the same jumpseat sharing system. So, depending on where you’re trying to go the competition for the jumpseat would be the same no matter which airline you fly for. That is of course unless we are talking about non-reving or commuting on your own airline. The seniority works differently.

As for flow to American, I don’t know what their flow times are like, but as Adam said, I made it to Alaska in just under 5 years. My peers made it to United, Delta, FedEx in 4. Some FOs made it to ATI in 3. Flows are limiting. If American is your end goal, any regional airline can get you there, possibly even quicker than Envoy.

Then lastly, you asked about other roles within the company. Yes. There are opportunities to work in the flight training department and the Union. That’s true for any airline (if they have a union). So, if that interests you, just express that to your future employer and you’re bound to be assigned to something. It may not be exactly what you want because it depends on demand, but if you keep an open mind, there is always work to be done.


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Thank you Tory for your insight! That really helps to know more about horizon and put my fears about uncertainty to rest!


Hey Tory just wanted to update you that I’ve officially been offered employment with Horizon and got into the program with Alaska! I also got the job with envoy but leaning heavily towards horizon since with your perspective and others I haven’t heard a single negative thing about them. See you around!

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That’s awesome, Cameron! Congrats on both!

I, too, as you know am partial to Alaska, but that’s not what matters :wink: It’s what matters to you. I am glad that I have been able to provide you with some insight to help you make a decision.

For the record, I have some friends that fly for Envoy too and they seem to enjoy it, friends that I met at ATP. Regardless of what I think, I just want you to make the decision that is right for you.

That said, if you accept Horizon’s offer, do you know when you will start, what aircraft you will be flying or where you will be based yet?


Yea i was told by the Alaska chief pilot that the flow to Alaska is projected at 3-4 years for new hires now and that seems a lot better than the envoy wait time considering the long commute for years to Texas. I am booked for the mid April class date for the 175 and I was told to expect the anchorage base to start!

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Awesome! That’s actually new news to me. I didn’t know Horizon was reopening the ANC base. Looks like PAE is a base now too.

Yep! They will open it in April first

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