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Hello, I have a very hard time trying to figure out where I want to go and what’s the best option for me to pursue my dreams of becoming a pilot. So I got two options right now but I’m very undecided. My first option is to join Lift Academy after High school, it’s a program that will guarantee that I can get my commercial pilot certificate within 10 months since I will be getting my private pilot before starting with them and have to commit working for them for 5 years. They said I will be flying for republican airlines and after 5 years working for them I could go to major airlines to work then. From what they told me, pilot is shortage and most airlines will probably won’t require a college degree anymore. This is why I’m so uncertain about what to decide. Because I really want to fly for the majors airline in the future but from what I research some airlines still need a college degree. My other option was to go to a college with a professional flight program but it is more expensive than Lift Academy. I could probably graduate with 100-150,000 in debt after college. But lift academy only cost about 57,000 and they will loan the amount I needed and I can pay them back after I work for them. I feel stuck on what to decide because I do want to go to college for stability in the future when I’m seeking for jobs in bad cases but my family is not financially stable to help me with the tuition. I need help!
My next question is I will be taking my 3rd class medical Exam this upcoming week but should I take 1st class medical exam since what my future career is to become a pilot or should I wait?


First are you really willing to risk your entire career on a flight school telling you “probably” you won’t need a degree? I’ve been an airline pilot and a mentor for about 5-6 times longer than Lift has been in existence and I’m telling you they’re probably wrong. What is a fact is getting a degree is never a bad thing and will always place you above others who don’t in this industry.

There’s also the fact you’re currently not a pilot and the truth is not everyone is successful at it. If you’re not what’s your Plan B? Again a degree is never a bad thing. Does that mean an aviation university? They’re very expensive and don’t really provide much of a backup plan should flying not work out.

If you’re asking our opinion it hasn’t changed since the last time you posted. Get at least some college and then do your flight training with a school with a solid reputation and a history of producing airline pilots like ATP.


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If Lift is telling you that college will probably not be required (for the majors) in the near future, I can tell you that they are not being honest with you. United just launched their new Aviate program and guess what? College degree still required.

I personally would recommend going to a regular college and getting a degree in something other than aviation, this way you have a backup plan should things not work out. From that point you can attend a flight school that offers accelerated flight training.

If your goal is to be a professional pilot, you should get a first class medical.