Degree as well VS Only Flight Training

Would a pilot that has a bachelor’s degree in something and also flight trainign get better pay or opportunities than someone who only has flight training.

From my understanding the degree requirement has been lifted so essentially no. Will it increase your chances of getting hired over someone who has the same qualifications but no degree I think so. It’s usually like that in any field.

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While no airlines have a degree require, ALL the Majors still prefer one and list it as a “competitive” or “preferred”. Since the Majors pay the most and the fact that someone with a degree will most likely be hired before someone without, I would say yes, pilots with degrees in general get paid more.



A pilot with a degree as well as the required flight training will have an advantage initially getting hired.
As Adam pointed out, those with a degree tend to get hired at the majors much sooner than those without one. That’s months or even years of better pay over the course of a career.

Once at the airline though, all pilots are treated equally and given the same benefits written in the contract.