Degree for Commercial Pilot

So I know that major airlines really prefer someone who has a bachelors degree. So I’m going to get that. A university offered me a large scholarship and they also offer a bachelors degree in Aviation Technology. Would that appeal to the airlines? They also have a flight school on the campus, so I have that side of things covered.


Not particularly. It’s more important that you have a degree, no matter what it is in. Take a look at the FAQ section on this topic.

If you don’t mind me asking, what percentage of your tuition does this scholarship cover? And what school is it for?


It would cover about 80% and it is Walla Walla University in Washington state.

That’s great! Normally we don’t really recommend Aviation Universities because they take so long, can be expensive, and only offer aviation-related degrees, but and 80% scholarship is hard to pass up. If you decide to accept the scholarship, just know that the degree will help you check the degree box on your major airline application, but it will be difficult to use it to help you fall back on something if aviation doesn’t work out for whatever reason. I’m assuming you’re young so you have time to figure out what your backup plan will be.


Does then 80% include flight training or just tuition?

Just the tuition. But the school said I can earn scholarship towards flight school as well.


I wouldn’t count on that scholarship money. I would definitely have plan B in place for paying for flight training.


I think I saw the website said you could save about $13k?

Yeah I think that is close to what they said.