Hello all,

How valuable is a masters degree when walking into a regional or major airlines interview? I have a BS in Aeronautics. I have some time before I start the ATP program, and I’m contemplating picking up a masters in something like Human Factors.


Might help you down the line if you want to get into training but the airlines are more concerned with flight time and flight experience. If that’s something you have a passion for and want to study that’s great but it really won’t help as far as getting hired. Particularly at the Regional level.



A master’s degree will not do you much good at all. The regionals will not ask for one and by the time you get to the majors they will be more concerned with your flight experience than with your college.

I am not saying it is a bad idea, but I probably wouldn’t do it.


But they’re always going to look for a bachelors?

Yes, the majors are always going to look for a bachelor’s. The regionals will not.

David - I have a slightly different take on the Master’s Degree. The degree will help you get “points” on your application when applying for a Major Airline (per someone high up in a Major Airline training department). The advanced degree can get as many points as a type rating. That being said, I don’t think that alone should be the motivating factor in starting the master’s program. When the time comes, getting a type rating for the “points” would be cheaper and faster.

Thank you Adam, Chris, and Danielle! Very enlightening answers :slight_smile: If I get the masters it will be as a back up/to supplement my income. I’ll go for the MS in human factors, which would probably help general knowledge as a pilot.