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Delta airline

I heard that a Delta pilot that is on reserve to give in a yellow slip. Can you please elaborate on what this yellow slip is?


I am no expert on Delta’s contract, but apparently a “yellow slip” is a request by a reserve pilot to fly additional hours.


can you please give an example

Sorry, I do not fly for Delta and thus do not know the specifics of their contract.


When a pilot is on “reserve” you’re basically “on call” and may or may not be used. Delta has a “yellow slip” which as Chris said allows you to volunteer to be used if you want to fly and even request a specific trip. Most airlines have some version of this. Here at Hawaiian we call it “will fly”.



It’s called ‘Call First’ at SkyWest. It simply means that you want to be called first when something needs to be covered (normally the calls are made based on seniority, juniors are called first).