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Delta Future Hiring

I DO NOT want to start a vaccine debate or conversation but this is interesting:

Interesting…that’s a bold move. Now let’s see who else follows suit.


I was wondering how that would work out for them. Would the pilot union give any push back? I will be honest that I didn’t read the article but my personal opinion is that I want it to be fully FDA approved before I think about getting it.


The union has very little to do with hiring practices and there’s nothing contractual that would prevent it. What happens to pilots once they get on property is a whole different matter which is why they state they’re not mandating this for current employees. If they did then we’d jump in.

Fun fact most union contracts don’t even address first year pay which is how many companies can set up bonuses and other hiring incentives only for newhires.


Thank you for clarifying. It will be interesting to see how this effects their hiring. I know I have a little bit of time before I have to think about the hiring process for the airlines. I am sure it will be changed by the time I get there.

There’s a debate going on in a couple forums over this, so like Adam said no need to continue here.

Apparently Delta already requires proof of vaccine for yellow fever… so most people for it or neutral are saying this is not very different than that.

Personally I think it will effect hiring very little. If you want that job, falling on principle over the vaccine seems like a hard sell to me.

“That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it turns out” :sweat_smile:
Chris F

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Applying for Delta is already like learning a new language anyway. While I understand this is controversial, this is just one more Deltaism that they like to use to thin the heard.



I agree I don’t think this will affect hiring for most. However the concern for many is this is the first step towards a mandate.

Again don’t want to debate but for many it’s much more than “falling on principle”.


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