Delta in Boston

Just recently saw that Delta has named Boston a hub and plans to ramp up daily departures through 2021, it looks like, in part to compete with JetBlue.

I assume, giving this news, they will at some point start offering it as a biddable base? If so, any idea how long that process takes after a new hub is opened?

Even after Neeleman, JetBlue gives Delta a run for its money and stays one of their biggest competitors.

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I would agree with you that Delta will likely soon have a base in Boston. If they operate the way United does, they will put a bid out, which will close in two weeks. Then within 90 days of the bid award, all pilots should be transferred to the base. It really is not a very complicated process, at least on the pilot’s end.


Thanks, Chris, I didn’t realize it would happen that fast!

That’s good to know, perhaps, and leaves a little bit of wishful thinking for later on down the road :joy:

Can’t have a base without pilots. It’s as simple as that.


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