Delta propel program VS ATP

Hi Mentors,

I just heard about the Delta propel program. What would be the best option to either do the delta propel program or ATP for someone like me age 25 being a sophomore student finishing bachelors degree with online school. Would it be better to stop online school and enroll at one of the partnered universities for the delta propel program or go with the ATP? My goal for the major airline is to work at Delta. I am looking for a path that would be the best and fastest to get to the major airlines as I have not started any flight training yet. I was looking to start at ATP sometime in november this year. I would appreciate all the answers that will help me make the best choice.

Thank You


These are decisions only you can make but I suggest you read the details of the Delta Propel Program. First you must interview and be selected into the program. To get an interview you must be a junior, senior or recent grad from one of Delta’s partner universities enrolled in one of their R-ATP programs which are 4yr programs. While you have 2yrs of college credit they weren’t connected to an aviation program so you’d have some catching up to do AT the university because the flight training MUST be part of the education program. What that means is you’re looking at least another 2yrs before you can INTERVIEW for the program. If it’s a yes then you still have another year of school and then 3.5 more time building. If it’s a no you’ve spent a TON of money at a university and you’re now years behind the pilots at ATP.

Your call.



Thank you for making this clear for me. It looks like ATP will be my way to go!

Thank You