Delta Propel

I have been reading about the new Delta propel program concerning collegiate candidates. My question concerns whether or not you would start to build seniority through Delta. I would not think so because although, technically you are on a conditional contract with Delta you aren’t necessarily flying Delta airplanes. I could not find anything discussing it online so if unknown no worries. I am just excited my college is partnered with Propel. It seems it could be a very interesting avenue guaranteeing you a spot at a major airline in 42 months or less, whether you go through reserves,CFI/private jet, or their small carriers (i.e Endeavour)


The program is definitely an interesting one (provided you’re accepted) but no, you would not get a seniority number. The union would never approve that.


Thanks for the quick reply. That is what I figured but was unsure. Yes, the program is very interesting hopefully it lasts by the time I am a senior and I can fill you guys in, assuming I am accepted into the program. Great opportunities for other people in different career paths at Delta to eventually fly. I wonder if Delta needed pilots would they choose someone that is accepted into their propel program or someone with more flight hours (assuming the propel candidate at least met the minimums).


There are a lot of questions still not answered with the Propel program, which seems to be typical of these sorts of things.


Just an update for those of you that have not seen the most recent announcement concerning the Propel program. Here is the link for it

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