Denied Financing By Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo

I have recently applied three times to both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo for a loan to attend ATP. I am a private pilot with 250 hours attempting to finish my ratings and change careers. Are there other banks or options to secure financing for ATP? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

@Cordellsd, any credit history?

Yes sir

Are you able to use equity in your home?

@Cordellsd, if you have credit history, is it extensive? Do you have any outstanding debts that went into a collection state or still owe? My recommendation would be to reach out to someone in the financing department (I went and found Kirk) and we went over my debts and my payoff amounts and my overall financials and came to a really good conclusion. Credit lenders are iffy sometimes if the credit history is young in age or does not pertain to be an “okay” score (I believe SM & WF both look for minimum 640 - that also came from an admin I spoke to on the phone during my admission enrollment). And please, call me Brady :slight_smile:



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I’ve never owned a home unfortunately. I rent.