Did I read that correctly? I NEED a college Degree?

Hi all,

Apologies if I’ve missed it elsewhere but, Did I read correctly that one is required to have a Degree to enter the program? If it’s not necessarily required by the airlines, why is it a requirement to get trained? I’m just slightly confused.




Associate’s Degree, or

  • 60+ college credit hours, or
  • equivalent work experience, or
  • military experience

If you do not meet the college requirements, or have your PPL, I would recommend calling the admissions department and see if you can qualify under the work experience section.



Thanks so much for the speedy reply! So, if I were to already have a PPL, the Degree is not needed to start training? I’m not looking for a shortcut, I’m more trying to understand how it could work for me. I’m already 27 and don’t really want to spend time and thousands more dollars on what would be a frivolous degree for me, only to then spend the $88,995 on flight school. I realize 27 is “still young” but as I’ve read everywhere from ATP, essentially the sooner you get in, the better…

Again, Thank you!


Not sure what you’ve been reading but at some point you are going to want that degree. While the Majors don’t list it as a requirement, it’s definitely listed in their “preferred” or “competitive” mins. Right now the industry is stalled and things will recover but that could take a while. Until it does the supply will exceed the demand. When that happens the bar goes up. When demand was high there was lots of talk of flows and the degree requirements disappearing. While we may eventually return to that it’s the pilots who have what the airlines want that will be getting hired. Those who don’t will be waiting.

Just something to keep in mind.