Difference between FAR 91.205 and 91.213

Simple. I have my checkride in about a week, and even though I know where to find my equipment list, I got the atomato flames acronym and all… I don’t really understand the difference between these two regulations… 91.205 and 91.213

Thanks !

Luis, if an aircraft had an MEL developed for it and approved by the FAA, it is the document that must be used to determine whether the aircraft can be flown with the specific inoperative equipment (per 91.213). If one has not been developed (as is the case with most training aircraft) then 91.205, POH KOEL, and pilot’s judgement must be used on whether the aircraft can be safely operated with the equipment found to be inop.


Fairly simple. 91.205 is equipment that is required by the FAA for flight without exception. 91.213 (min equipment list aka MEL) is OTHER equipment that may be installed on the aircraft but is not necessarily a requirement for flight BUT may be. I literally just completed a flight where my plane had one PACK (Pneumatic Air Cycle Kit aka air conditioner/pressurization unit) inop. Obviously that’s not required anywhere in 91.205 but can I still go fly? Well according to the 91.213 the answer is yes provided I follow some rules (ie, can’t exceed FL250) through use of an MEL. Again 91.213 allows (or prohibits) the flight to operate based on equipment OTHER and beyond 91.205. Make sense?

Bigger question is why aren’t you having this conversation with your instructor?


Hey thanks ! Yeah we defy went over this (my instructor and I). But the question didn’t come up until now that I was re-reading my info and all

To my knowledge, MELs usually only apply to large airplanes, like corporate jets or airliners.