Different routes to become major airline pilot

My main question is, after finishing flight school and gaining the needed hours is it necessary for me to work for a regional airline, or would I be able to go straight to a major airline. And if so how likely is that to happen.


The short answer is NO. I’ll try to say this hopefully without offending you, but why would a Major airline that has hundreds of applications coming in daily from Regional Capts and military pilots, both with 1,000’s of hours and years of experience hire you or any other pilot with the bare minimum requirements? Another question would be (other than the money) why would you want to? Personally I aspire to be the best pilot I can be and the best way to get there is through experience. When I was at ExpressJet we flew to almost 200 airports in the US, Mexico and Canada. Large airports and small, busy and quiet, encountered every possible type of weather, terrain, international operations, you name it. It was the most valuable flying I’ve ever done in my life. I’m at a Major now, getting paid well and enjoying life BUT it was the flying I did at the Regionals that made me the pilot I am today.

There are times when taking a short cut isn’t the best route, this is one of those times. Besides, there aren’t any and that’s how it should be.



You should expect to spend 5-1o years at a regional. The majors want thousands of hours of flight time and a large amount of experience, pilots either get that at the regionals or in the military.


Yes Sir I understand. I was pretty sure what your answer would be, I was explaining the process to my father because i was starting a vision board, and he wanted me to be aware of every single route that can be taken. I have no problem working for a regional, and I’m honestly hoping for the opportunity to work for a regional, but thank you for this Sir

Thank you for the clarification, currently in the process of creating a vision board, and i was explaining the process of regional to major to my father, and he wanted to make sure that i knew every possible route to take. Thank you for the advice, and i hope one day I will get the chance to fly for a regional airline. Thank you for answering this question for me because i couldn’t find it anywhere on the web. Have a great night

And Mahalo and many shake’s to you bradda (in my pidgin accent) Fromthe 808 state and i love flying Hawaiian. Mahalo nui loa

Mahalo to you brother!

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