DIffucity to get jobs

Hello pilots.

How hard is it to get a job at the airlines now. From what I understand, many airlines are picking up a lot university program graduates. Is it still somewhat competitive? (ex. out of 100 applicants, 10 get selected.)

I know that you have to have the experience, good record, etc.



The pilot shortage is going strong and getting that first Regional job is pretty easy. That said there does seem to be a backlog at some so people may have to wait a few months but hiring is still very strong.



Unless you talk to someone in recruiting, it’s really hard to say, even guess. I just don’t keep track of those numbers. As Adam said, some regionals have their classes booked through the end of the year. I wouldn’t let that worry you any.



Right now it is pretty easy to get a job at a regional, but it might not be your first airline of choice. I do not see the shortage coming to an end anytime soon.