Discharge from military


I’m interested in pursuing flight school, but 6-7 years ago I was discharged from the military with general under honorable conditions for failing a drug test for cocaine. I was never charged with anything, just had to leave the military. Would it still be possible for me to fly?

Thank you


If that is you’re only issue and you have a squeaky clean record otherwise and do well in training, you should be fine.

That said you will need to disclose it on your application to the airlines because they will ask and you need to be prepared to discuss it. “I was never charged with anything” won’t really cut it.



I’m thinking about applying to the AA cadet program, so I didn’t want to do this training and what not for no reason.


I am a bit less optimistic than Adam. The airlines and the FAA take a very poor view of cocaine use. I would call several regional airlines and ask them about your situation. I think your biggest hurdle will be getting a medical from the FAA.



I think getting a first class medical will be the toughest hurdle. You should schedule an appointment with an AME to discuss before starting any conversation about flight training. They will most likely forward you to a HIMS AME. See more info below:


FAA Drug and/or Alcohol Monitoring Program and the HIMS Program:

“Airmen who have a regulatory diagnosis of alcohol dependence or abuse may require evaluation and monitoring before they can obtain a medical certificate. If an airman requires monitoring they should establish with a HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) trained AME (HIMS AME) to help them work through the FAA process.“



I am with the others here, your current step should be contacting an AME. Even though you’ve had a clean slate to your record in the last few years, I think the hurdle will be a HIMS test. We’re not AMEs and don’t control who gets a medical, that’s why we recommend anyone to consult with an AME with medical certificate questions. You can find your nearest AME here, make sure to select a First Class AME: