Do Airline Pilots need Visas?

Been a while since I’ve posted but it’s been a really busy school year for me atm.
Anyways I was looking up some Airline Pilot stuff and noticed something about Visas. That’s thrown me off to put it honestly as I never knew Visas were needed.
So I was wondering if it was true that Airline Pilots that fly internationally needed visas and if so how does it work as in do you have to apply for one each time you go on a trip or is a visa for that specific country you’re flying too valid for a few years or something?
I look forward to reading your answers,


It depends…Most countries require international airlines arriving in their country to complete a General Declaration form or GD. The GD will have everything there is to know about the flight, the crew members present on it, and even their arrival and departure schedules. The GD waives the need for a visa.

However countries like China require foreign airline pilots and cabin crew to obtain a crew visa before arriving. Airline employees are responsible for obtaining their own visas, but are reimbursed for them.



China is the only country I am aware of that requires visas of aircrew. It is your responsibility to obtain one, but the airline generally helps in the process and depending on your contract, there might be some compensation for your time.