Do airlines pilots use foreflight

Do airline pilots use foreflight? Plus how do you get gps at 36,000 feet?


Our airline uses JeppFD Pro for charts and WSI for weather.

GPS is a satellite based navigation system so it works the same as it does at any altitude.



At my airline we use Jeppesen’s app. GPS works at any altitude, assuming you can’t it through the heated windows as they often interfere with the reception. We do not really use the GPS on the iPad though. The airplane has its own GPS receivers.



Not sure if any do, I can tell you that mine (Hawaiian) does not. We (like many) use a commercial product from Jeppensen.

As for your question regarding GPS at altitude I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking? All commercial aircraft have multiple GPS receivers and airlines have been using GPS from the ground to altitude for years.


Thank you.

I use Foreflight for my Logbook and sometimes better/faster weather info.

Flight Deck Pro is owned by Boeing who also owns Foreflight. So expect more and more features to overlap.

More airlines are enabling the GPS function on Moving Map and Taxi Charts for situational awareness.
I assume WSI will become obsolete soon as the integrate WX in FDP.

Foreflight is amazing with the ability to have an approach chart overlayed a VFR chart with Weather overlays. Can’t beat that SA. Just takes time and money to approve with FAA