Do I need a cosigner with excellent credit?

I came across a thread on this forum that said that you must have a cosigner for a loan through wells fargo or sallie mae. I am 24 years old with a credit score of 804. I have about 5 years worth of credit history. With that said, will I still need a cosigner to finance the 6 month fast track program, or is it possible to get an unsecured loan on my own with this kind of credit score? I realize that I could apply and see what happens, but I am not ready to apply yet and do not want to put a hard inquiry on my credit report to find out if they would approve this. Thanks in advance for the help


This forum is for ATP Pilot mentors, instructors and current/prospective students. None of us are qualified or able to tell you exactly who WF or SM will or will not approve and how. It’s more than just your credit score, it’s income to debt. home/rent status and many other factors they consider. The best advice I can give you is to contact ATP Admin directly as they are the financial experts and deal with these questions daily. 1-800-ALL-ATPS


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None of us are qualified to answer that question as we cannot speak for the banks. The fine people in the financing department would have a better idea, but even they will probably tell you that you need to apply to find out.

Keep in mind that while you have an excellent credit score, you are rather young and thus do not have an extensive credit history. Also, this is an unsecured loan, so the criteria is different than it would be for a mortgage or a car loan.


I appreciate the responses. If anyone else has successfully applied under similar circumstances as myself, please let me know.

Will likely need a co-signer. I have a higher score, and at least 14 years more credit history and I did not get approved without a cosigner. Your mileage may vary so your best option is to call ATP, apply for credit, and see if you have a different outcome.

Just to add onto Sergey, I also have a higher credit rating and about 10 more years history…I was required to add the wife as a co-signer. This was just last week so my experience is pretty recent.