Do I need a cosigner

I just want to ask if anyone know how much will it affect the credit to the cosigner because my dad is willing to help me but he wants to buy a house and I don’t want his credit score to drope more than 50 and also is it 100% I will be able to get a job as a pilot after the school? I also hear that there are not many works to make those 400h any subjection I want to start with the school as soon as I can but I want to clarify that first


For any questions regarding credit you need to call ATP Admin and speak with Kirk (904-595-7950).

As for your other question, first no it’s not 100% guaranteed you’ll get a job after flight school. There’s no guarantee you’ll be a lawyer if you go to law school or a doctor if you go to medical school. Nothing in life is guaranteed and definitely not in aviation. While flying isn’t brain surgery it does require a certain amount of intelligence, coordination and a tremendous amount of hardwork. The simple fact is not everyone can or should be a pilot. However, if you put in the work and do well in training you have an excellent chance to find employment as do majority of successful ATP grads.

Not really sure what you’re asking next about 400hrs as that’s not a requirement for any job or license?


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I’d also recommend getting in contact with Kirk from our finance department - he will be the best to advise you on the next steps. In regards to the CFI Position, ATP hires students exclusively as instructors, but we do look for the top performers in the program.

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