Do I need the CFI certification?


My question is, do I need to obtain the CFI at ATP? My plan is to accrue my flying time (1,500 hours) as a pilot in Mexico. I think it will be easier for me since I have dual citizenship and speak both languages and only 350 hours are required to be an airline pilot.




The ATP Career Pilot Program includes your CFI’s. If you decide to leave the program prior that’s obviously your decision but I don’t know how much money you’ll get back (if any?). Just keep in mind if you have any future aspirations to be in the Training Dept or a Check Airman at any of your future airlines the CFI’s do look good on your resume.


Possible? Yes.
Easier? Yes.
Wise? No.
Why? Sometimes the fastest way isn’t always the best/safest way. 350 hours
is nothing. Being a CFI (especially a CFII) teaches you so much more than
what you think you already know.

Discontinuing the ACPP prior to the CFI phase will result in either an
early termination fee or no refund at all, depending on how much extra
training was required.



I would not skip the CFI portion. As Adam said, you might find that you will want the certificates later. It is only a few weeks of additional flight training and does not represent a huge cost difference.