Do we get commercial multi engine and instruments through the standard fast track?

Hello, I’m looking into applying ATP soon and had a question about what certificates we receive by going through the standard fast track.

This website on ATPs webpage shows that we receive

  • Private Pilot Certificate (PPL)
    • Single-Engine
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL)
    • Single-Engine
    • Multi-Engine
  • Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI)
    • Single-Engine
    • Multi-Engine
    • Instrument

However, when I started looking at the timeline webpage found here,

It only shows that we would receive a commercial single engine and no sign of a multi-engine commercial or instruments for multi engine.

What are the exact certificates we receive through the standard fast track program?


If you revisit the timeline and click on ALL the respective phases you’ll get an expanded detail. When you click on the Multi Engine phase you’ll clearly see the ME and MEI ratings are in fact included.


Ahh, my mistake. I thought that was for the 100+ multi engine. Thank you for pointing this out!


Also to clarify the stages: its Instrument, commercial Single engine, CFI, CFII, Multi engine add on, MEI. Once you get commercial single, you are a commercial pilot. The multi checkride is adding multi engine to your commercial pilot certificate.

Same goes for instrument. You get an instrument rating in a single engine plane. You will shoot approaches during your multi add on to be able just add multi engine to your instrument rating.