Do you ever miss the Regionals?

This question is aimed at Chris and Adam. Do you guys ever miss the regionals? This might just be me, but flying privately my favorite part of flying is the takeoffs and landings. Do you ever miss flying 4 or 5 leg days? Adam, I know you guys fly 1 leg with many hours at a time, and Chris I see you fly 2, maybe 3 legs. Do you ever miss the lots of legs in a day? This may change once I have actual experience with it, but figured I’d ask.


You ask do I ever miss the Regionals? Dude I miss the Regionals ALL THE TIME! I loved ExpressJet! First the EMB145 is a very sexy capable little sports car of a jet and it’s a blast to fly. I’d sometimes hand fly every leg and we flew EVERYWHERE! From St John’s Newfoundland to Oaxaca Mexico from Bangor Maine to San Diego, and everywhere in between (over 200 airports were serviced at one point). The US is a beautiful country and I got to fly into and visit every inch. Places you’d never think of visiting turn out to be fantastic overnights. Amazing food, scenery and people. Some of the best times of my life.

I’ve said it before, flying a heavy around the world is cool and I’m glad I did it but I’ve already been awarded 717 Capt and I’ve asked for the first available class date. Different strokes and there are many pilots who think I’m crazy for going back but I’m a pilot and I like to fly. So I will be again soon :slight_smile:



I don’t care what I fly as long as I’m in the sky. But for me, takeoff and landing are the most involved portions of the flight which I enjoy the most, it’s When you get to use your skill. Then again, things may change as I get experience, but it’s nice to have your Input.


I might occasionally wax poetic about my time at ExpressJet, but in general I do not miss the regionals. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time there and learned a lot, but I really enjoy the longer flights and flying to bigger cities that mainline flying brings. My perfect trip is to fly a trans-con from EWR to SFO and then back the next day. I like settling into the seat for six hours, watching the country pass by and then landing in SFO. I still get plenty of flying legs in and do have plenty of three leg days, although I really prefer one leg a day.


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I miss the people. It was hard work and a lot of minimum rest but I had a blast. My closest friends in aviation came from my time at the regionals.

ps. I’ve had 14 leg days on the BE1900D