Do you think I can become a pilot?

I’ve been fascinated by airplanes since I was very little, and spoke my first words while watching the Blue Angels. I’ve read a great deal about aerodynamics and have been building and flying R/C planes for a few years. I’d love to become a pilot and would work as long as I’m needed in a cockpit!

I didn’t try to become a pilot previously because I had people telling me I probably won’t be able to make it. I’m missing all the fingers on my right hand which were replaced with toes pretty early on, how likely is an employer to be put off by that if I’m a capable pilot?

My next question is: What schooling is required? Do you need to take Gen Ed or is everything pilot-related?


You’re either a capable and qualified pilot or your not. At my last airline there was a check airman with a similar type of situation and the airline could care less.

As for the rest I recommend you visit our FAQ section where you’ll find the answers to the process.


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Hi im 27 and just learn how to drive. My mother died and I was reunited with my uncle how works for a regional airline. And I want to fly. For years all I had was music but it was therapy for me now I know I whatwant a career. Im a hard worker and can learn i have some college and I need more. My hands are steady and reaction time is good. I just feel to old. I know some people start thier training at 16 am i to old to qualify for Atp?


The average age for pilots to start training in the US is 33 so short answer is no. Please visit our FAQ section as it has answers to many of the most common questions like this one.




Thanks! Sorry I didn’t read the FAQ first.


I’m 30, so I understand your worry!

Thank you that helps alot.