Do you use the ATP Backpack?

The backpack is actually a decent quality. I’ve owned Dakine bags in the past and they’ve held up well, but my problem is that it has no organization at all. A tiny pouch and a semi-useless front “cooler” pouch and basically nothing in the main compartment other than the laptop sleeve.

I order the Sporty’s iPad bag, which will hopefully be better. I hate fumbling through my bag to find my iPad, checklists, kneeboard and headset (which is in it’s own protective bag.

Does anyone else use a similar “flight bag”? I was thinking about some of the pricier options like Flight Outfitters and MyGoFlight, but bought this one to try out this style first.


I think the ATP backpack is best suited for use on your cross country trips as an overnight bag. I always carried an additional flight bag with me while I was in training.

I still use my ATP backpack, it now serves to carry my kid’s toys and snacks when we go on trips.


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I use a Flight Gear HP flight bag. They offer the Crosswind bag and Captain’s bag. They’re basically the same thing only difference is that the Captain’s bag is bigger. I used a laptop bag during my PPL training and as you said, a lot of digging around trying to find the needed items for the flight. With this, (or any flight bag that you find for yourself) I can locate everything with ease.


I have my far/aim, acs, and other miscellaneous paper stuff in the backpack, as well as the yoke mount for my iPad and some water/snacks. I usually leave the backpack in the car and only take my headset bag to the plane.

I have my logbook, pen, and checklists tucked into the pocket on the headset bag, and then my foggles on a carabineer on the hold strap.

I used mine for everything, the farther into training I got, the lighter and more organized it got lol

I used the ATP Backpack, works just fine.

I have officially passed my ATP backpack onto the next generation. My son Jack wore it on our recent flight from RIC to ORD. I received that backpack with my big box of books in fall of 2003 when I signed up for the program.


For 17 years on that, it’s still in pretty good condition!

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That’s awesome. I train in RIC and would offer to buy you a cup of coffee the next time you’re here, but obviously wouldn’t want to bother you if you’re with family. I hope your son enjoyed the trip!


I will let you know next time I pass through there, but the drinks are on me :slight_smile:



Hows the training going? I’m starting in RIC as well Jan 30th to be exact.


It’s been about 1 year since Seuk has been on the forum, hopefully they will respond to how their training was at the Richmond (RIC) location.