Does ATP Fast Pace cause issues

I’m trying to decide on what school to go to and I’ve read where some students have problems passing check rides so I would like to hear from previous ATP students. Also I know where I can get all my certification close to my house but they are a smaller mom and pops type of operation if I go this route will I have issues getting on a regional airline? Thanks for any info given.



I’m sure some current ATP students will chime in with their experiences but as a former student and instructor allow me to give you my take. Yes there are people who have issues keeping up with the pace of ATPs training. It is without question accelerated. ATP was created BY airline pilots to train airline pilots and the training pace is based on that experience. That therefore begs the question if a person cannot keep up with the pace at ATP, what makes them believe they’ll be able to do when they get to an airline? The reason ATP has such great relationships with so many Regionals is specifically because the airlines know ATP graduates have already demonstrated an ability to “keep up”. Something to think about.

If you should decide to go the local “mom and pop” route there are a few things to keep in mind. First, understand that if and when you get hired at a Regional the pace may seem overwhelming. More important while there are some very fine local schools most do not have the resources (aircraft and instructors) to accommodate someone trying to become a professional. Successful training requires consistency and that can be difficult at the local FBO. The main reason I went to ATP was because it took me over 2yrs to get my Private at my local school. I’d fly one day (great), the next week the weather was bad, the week after the plane was out for maintenance, the next the instructor was out. Next thing you know it had been a month and I hadn’t flown and when I did I had to relearn everything I had forgotten.

There are plenty of pilots who’ve gone the local route and if that’s what you chose there’s nothing that would prevent you from getting to an airline. It just might take you a little longer.


Thank you Adam for the information! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I will go to ATP because I want the best and not afraid of a challenge.

This is almost word for word my experience with my private and to some degree the start of my instrument training. Airplane not being available due to maintenance, or instructor availability, or the most consistent downer- the weather. One reason I am strongly considering one of ATP’s Florida locations. Still unsure though as to which one would best suit me


I wouldn’t worry too much about which location to chose. ATP tries very hard to make sure that all of the locations offer the students the exact same experience. The airplanes are the same, the instructors are the same and the education is the same.

Think of it like a Chipotle, all locations have the exact same burritos available.


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Thanks for your timely response!