Does ATP require a degree before going to their flight school?

Hi, I’ve seen a couple different answers to my question so I want to get it all cleared up. I’ve seen that ATP requires 2 years work experience with the same employer OR a degree to attend their flight school. I’ve also seen that ATP requires a 2 year degree. Which is correct?
Also, does ATP accept financial aid like FAFSA? Or other grant money? Or do they only accept loans through SallieMae or Wells Fargo?
Thank you!


 While I'm not a pilot mentor, I do have an answer for you.

I’ve asked those questions and gotten responses both from here on the forum and from admissions.

ATP states you need EITHER a 2-year degree, or 2 years equivalent work experience (AKA two years in a row at a stable job).

ATP will accept scholarships awarded and if you decide to take out a personal loan they will accept your money just like through Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae. If you are unsure still about that, I would definitely recommend calling ATP at 1-800-ALL-ATPS (they are SUPER helpful there too!!!)

I am sure the wonderful and knowledgeable Pilot Mentors will step in and perhaps elaborate as well, but thought I might help 'em out here :smile:

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Thank you for the quick response! I will definitely give them a call. And thank you again for answering my questions!


ATP requires two years of work experience, two years of college experience, or a Private Pilots License. Any one of the three will work, but remember that the admissions department always has the final word.

ATP is not able to accept money from FAFSA or grant money. Most students finance their training through Wells Fargo or Sallie Mae, although some do use other lenders. The admissions department will be the experts on this, too.


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Thanks for the help Hannah, nice job :slight_smile:

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