Does cost include totals hours

Does the cost of atp cover the entire 1500 hours in order to be hired by a regional?


The cost of the program only includes your flight training costs from either zero time or credit private through MEI. There are some additional expenses not included in the cost of the program plus options to add in housing. Here is the full breakdown:

After graduating from the program, if offered a CFI position, you will Instruct to build time and get paid for those hours.



Nope, not even close. First I STRONGLY suggest you visit our FAQ section and the ATP website as there a ton of really useful information as well as the answers to some very basic questions like yours.

You’ll finish the program with approx 250hrs. It’s then up to YOU to build the remaining time. The most common method is by instructing.

Fyi, if the program did include the 1500hrs it would cost close to a half a million dollars. Much better getting paid up build that time than to pay for it.


Welcome Bailey!

As the others have said, the cost does not include any extra hours beyond the program. The goal is to find a job post graduation to build time towards 1500. We all recommend instructing to do that.

Please ask any other questions you may have. Feel free to tell us a little bit more about yourself so we can help guide you.


Perfect thank you all for the answers you gave me! I’m 21 about to be 22 in 2 weeks. I was studying in college to be a professional pilot as my community college does have a flight school program. But I’ve always wanted to attend ATP and would like to start my training and start building my hours so I’ve decided to change courses and take the ATP route.

If I was offered a CFI position through ATP would I get to choose what ATP facility I do it at? For instance I’m from Oklahoma but would have to relocate to Dallas due to the fact commuting would be too much as it would be about a 2 and half hour drive there and back everyday. That would be a lot of time while doing my training but once I become an instructor it would be doable.


How close are you to graduating with a degree? Associates or bachelors? At your age and currently in college I’d imagine you would be quite close. If so, graduate first then pursue ATP. Even if it’s just an associates, complete that and pursue your bachelors once you’re at the regionals. That degree is important for your future.

You will need to relocate for not only training but if you choose to instruct with ATP as well. Upon completion of the program, if you are offered an instructing position you will choose a locations based on current openings. You are allowed to wait and hold out for a specific location if you choose but there’s no guarantee when you’ll get a spot. I’d say 30 mins is about the extent of a commute you want to have. There will be many times the weather clears last minute and a flight needs to get done so you need to be able to get to the training center quickly.


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Bailey, not quite sure how you figure it would be ok to commute 2.5hrs while instructing? Do you not feel that your students, who just invested $90k+ deserve the same level of attention and dedication you have while you were training? The fact is you most likely will have multiple students to attend to which means your days will most likely be longer than when you were a student and will occupy more of your time. When I instructed I had a 1hr commute and that was so brutal I often got a hotel some nights. You’re instructing to not just build your time but MORE IMPORTANT to hone your skills and become a better pilot while also providing the same level of instruction you will receive at ATP. It’s a huge responsibility and losing all that time commuting will not work, and that’s IF you’re able to get a spot in Texas which is not guaranteed.


Do you mean that the 7 month program citing $91,995 does not include the CFI ratings? I see that FAA examiners fees and knowledge tests cost an additional $9200, but do I have to pay extra just to work as a CFI?


The cost of the program includes all the ratings starting from zero time OR credit private through MEI: private, instrument, commercial SE, CFI, CFII, Commercial Multi Add-on and MEI.

The full breakdown of expenses is listed in the link I posted above.


I still have about 2-3 semesters as I had some personal things come up in my life that I had to take a two semesters off. But I only started to get my associates degree in order to do the flight school at my community college. But I’m not really liking the whole process of everything at the school. I’ve preferred to go to ATP for my training. It will cost me the same amount as it would to go to ATP.


Keep in mind that you will eventually want to get an undergraduate degree for the major airlines. An associates degree will not be of any value to you. The good news is that many colleges will give you credit for your flight training and many pilots finish their degrees online while working for the regionals.


So are you saying that I could finish college while working at the regionals?


Yes that’s what he’s saying. In fact there are a number of schools that will give you credits for your pilot licenses and ratings towards an online aviation degree. That would save you time and money.