Does the flight college I go to matter?

I’m a student pilot and a junior in high school. I currently live in California and have plans on moving to Canada. I want to go to a flight college there so it’d be easier for me to make friends and build a little social group instead of moving there after I get my commercial license and want to fly with the big boys.

So my question is, does the flight school I pick REALLY matter? I’m thinking about going to Canadian Aviation College (because I want to live in Vancouver), but it made me think about the top flight schools in Canada, and I was wondering if going to the more prestigious ones would make any impact on how easy it would be to get hired by a good airline, or made any impact at all.

Thank you

They all give the same licenses in the end. The only other reasons I’d see you pick one flight school over the other is price & reputation.

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This forum is predominantly for pilots in the US. While things are not much different in Canada overall, we can’t say for certain what Canadian airlines might prefer. Here in the US the airlines don’t really put much weight on which flight school you go to, only that you have the requirements. It may be the same north of the border but it may not be?

I’d reach out to the airlines you eventually would like to work for and ask them directly.


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Thank you very much, Adam! Safe travels.

Thank you so much, Moe!!

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