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Hello. I’m 17 and I live in Malaysia. I’m having my SPM this year. My dream is to become a pilot but i have some issues to deal with such as financial problem and don’t know how to start with. Is there any scholarship for aviation and how should i start as a secondary school student after my SPM? Is there anything I need to prepare myself from now on such as maintain good eyesight, first class health condition and so on??

Hello Brandon,

First off I have no idea what an SPM is? (I Googled and apparently it could be anything from a Rapper to some sort of Neuro Imaging Software?). Unfortunately there are no scholarships for training in the US and it is quite expensive. I do know a number of foreign carriers (perhaps Malaysian?) offer cadet programs for their local citizens and I recommend you contact them. As for the rest pilots are required to have good vision and health and most cadet programs look for good grades in school so I’d work hard to keep those up as well.


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Hi Adam,

My guess this is what he is referring to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), or the Malaysian Certificate of Education,


Is that equivalent to a high school diploma? I’d assume so because of the age, but who knows these days…

If so, Brandon, you should continue your education and get a degree. That is what we recommend most people in your situation. You will be more competitive wherever you go, and I also think it is a requirement for most cadet programs…


Thank you Edward!

Thanks for all the advices. I found out that there’s cadet recruitment in Malaysia too but unfortunately its still closed but gladly it requires a SPM certificate. Do you guys prefer I join a flying club in Malaysia after getting the certificate ( maybe March, year of 2018 ) or get a degree ( what degree does it required ) first?


It is really difficult for us to give you advice on flying in Malaysia as none of us have experience there and are not well versed in the flying industry in Malaysia. I would recommend that you seek out a local pilot who could better help to point you in the right direction.