Doubts regarding Degree!

Good afternoon Gentlemen,

So this morning I received news of my loan approval for ATP, so far things are looking positive. I plan to initiate training on first week of January. I’m feeling very excited and enthusiastic. My main goal is to dive in head-first on my courses and hopefully complete training before 9 months, if possible.

A few months ago I wrote a short biography on this forum and mentioned on my doubts including about superior education. Now, I’ve been informed in this forum that an alternative to achieving a Bachelor’s is through an online program while working at the regionals. Ok, that’s understanble. My other concern is, which universities offer credits and/or discounts for those that possesses licenses and ratings? I’d be grateful for any helpful answer. Thank you!!!



Let’s be clear. This is not an “alternative” to achieving a BA/BS, is simply an alternative path. You still need to earn the degree, this path just lightens the load by giving you credit for your licenses and ratings. As for which universities offer these credits there are quite a few (Embry Riddle and UVU being 2 of the more popular and well known). Most schools with aviation degree programs will offer some credit. It’s really up to you to research the various options and decide which works best for you.



Crystal clear!!! I’ll try to worry about that later on and focus more on what should be accomplished first(training). Gotta admit though, that interest rate was pretty scary but I’ll take it as an opportunity and a career investment.



Take a look at that page as it has information about getting credits towards a degree based on your flight training at ATP.