Down time while in between flights

First, I wanted to let you guys know I am scheduled to start ATP on June 4th in Denver! Thank you all for the encouragement and advice you’ve provided everyone, as reading these forums greatly influenced my decision to join ATP’s program.

Second, I’m curious about how you guys spend your down time during your trips. How much time do you typically spend flying and at an airport during the day? Do you ever bid for trips that allow you to, let’s say, catch a concert or ballgame in a certain city while not flying?


Hey Peter,
I’ll be starting Denver as well July 2nd.


Of course we do. One of the things I miss most about Regional flying is the overnights. While Hawaiian goes to some great destinations, when I was at Xjt we went EVERYWHERE in the continental US, Mexico and Canada (literally over 200 destinations). I got to visit many amazing cities, restaurants, see shows, county fairs, Spring Training ball games, concerts, you name it. One of the cool perks was I’m from NY and while every concert and show comes there, they’re all expensive and sell out fast. But not so in Boise so you bid the trip, buy the tickets and voila! Same thing now at the Major just less cities.


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I spend my down time on trips answering questions on this forum :slight_smile:

Besides that, I often enjoy walking around cities, occasionally going to museums and sleep. After all, I have three young children.


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Adam you’re from NY. How did you end up flying for Hawaiian Airlines? And do you live in Hawaii now?


I had wanted to get out of NY and wanted to fly for Hawaiian. I applied, they were foolish enough to hire me and here I am. Yes I live in Hawaii.


Thanks for the responses guys! Very cool. I think it’s neat how different people have such different approaches. I’d imagine 3 young kids would indeed throw a wrench into your lifestyle. :laughing:

Lynn, that’s great news! I’m sure I’ll see you around. Congrats on earning your PPL! I saw ATP give you shoutout on LinkedIn. You’re practically famous.

How awesome is it living in Hawaii? Sounds ridiculous. Weather, the beach, the sights…doesn’t get much better.

I’m very fortunate. Life is good :slight_smile:



Check it out!

That is such a great perk of the job: being able to explore new places with your crew. Who isn’t on a mission to find the best BBQ place in Texas??


You’re right but that’s actually one of the things that puzzles me the most about many pilots. You’d be shocked (or at least I am) how so many pilots NEVER venture out. They spend their time in the hotel and maybe will go to Subway across the street but that’s it. I had/have many great adventures and always ask the crews but more times than not I’m told thanks but no thanks. One of my best stories I convinced my crew to check out this great local place in Tampico Mexico. Coming back we took a very minor wrong turn and the Capt literally freaked out! We were both almost in tears, him from fear and me from laughing.

Oh and btw it’s Smitty’s Market in Lockhart. About 1.5hr drive out of SAT :slight_smile:



While I venture out and will walk all over a city, I am more than content to sit down to a good Chipotle meal anytime. Inexpensive, healthy and consistent, that is what I am all about.

The one exception to this is Mexico, nothing beats tacos from El Caminero in Mexico City.

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