Drug Testing at ATP

Just curious, I’ve never done anything drug-related, but wondering if ATP does drug or alcohol testing during the program? I know you have to have a medical certificate, I’m just wondering how or if ATP watches for sobriety? Considering the amount money someone would spend, I would hope they wouldn’t engage in that, but, I am a loan officer now and have watched people blow $100k in education because of DWI or marijuana related offenses…

To my knowledge ATP does not drug test, but reserves the right to do so if need be.


ATP does not do drug testing but they do have a zero tolerance drug/alcohol policy. If you’re caught not only will you be removed but you will be reported to the FAA which could squash any potential future aviation career.

As you said $100k is alot to blow and I’ve yet to taste the drink that’s worth that amount.



For sure, I worked at an FBO where there was an instructor who would come in hung over and tell stories of his night sleeping on someones floor with his “drinking buddies”… Made me think how the heck are you employed here, additionally, how can your employer NOT address this behavior…AND- that poor student who had to go up with him.

Last thing I would want to do is go to ATP and get an instructor who lives as a bachelor and not a professional pilot