DV Charges

Well it seems this site is riddled with questions of criminal records impacting pilot training. I still haven’t found a scenario remotely similar to mine. So…ignoring all the embarrassment, it’s time to find out from the professionals if the dream is still an option. I will retire from the military in three years and would love to be paid to fly everyday. The only hurdle I’m concerned with dates back to 2005 and 2006. I was coming out of a difficult and young marriage one that the ex wife felt that she gave up her career to be a part of. Therefore, she had falsely called the police twice to destroy my military career. Her confession is what caused the court to drop my charge after completing couples counseling. Fast forward six months later and it happened again. Ultimately, I received a conviction of “DV-disorderly conduct” which was set aside (expunged). Fast forward 13 years and have never had another arrest or any issue at all. I have a successful military career with multiple combat deployments.

My question is, am I still a candidate for the airlines? Regional or major (not factoring in age). Thanks in advance


If those are the only issues I believe you’ll be fine.



I agree with Adam. If you want another opinion, call any airline and ask them.


I think you will be fine as well, but I would still recommend contacting the recruiting departments of a few regional airlines to ask.


I appreciate the responses. Thank you