DWAI Considering going to school

Unfortunately got DWAI for refusal back in march considering starting school with ATP but want to make sure I would be able to get hired also never been in any trouble in my life background is clean obviously other then the DWAI

What substance was arrest for? And if alcohol what was your BAC?

Chris F.


The FAA really doesnt like refusals and automatically assume it’s because you were way over any limits. Further it just happened which they also don’t like.

Bottomline is if you are in fact squeaky clean otherwise and do well in training you should be fine. Your biggest obstacle will be the FAA and getting your First Class medical. No medical, no flying.


Thank you for responding to me. It was alcohol, so my next question would be do you get your first class medical before you start training? Sorry if that’s an obvious question thank you again.

At ATP I believe the standard still requires a 1st class medical prior to being accepted into program.

At other flight schools you could start without a medical, but you can’t solo without one (usually around 20-30hrs or as quick as 30days

I’d recommend getting the medical first. Your BAC will matter with the FAA. If you search the sight for dui there are multiple other threads with links to the AME process and everything else. It costs $ and no guarantee.

Most regionals want 5yrs since incident. Training to get to regionals usually takes 2-3yrs.

Chris F


The FAA requires a third class medical to do flight training beyond your first solo. However, if your goal (and your question) is to fly for an airline there’s little point in investing your time and money if you’re unable to get a First Class so Id go right to it.

That’s the reason ATP requires one. They don’t want you wasting your time and money for no reason.



This is the information that I have concerning DUIs from a recruiter at a regional airline:

Less than 5 years, no interview. Between 5-10 years we look at all factors to determine if we are moving forward. Greater than 10 years no deduction. Canada waiver is a factor when making decisions. The pilots have to be able to fly into Canada.

Keep in mind, that is for a DUI, a refusal is worse.

Your first step is to obtain a FAA First Class Medical, I would be prepared for this to be a lengthy process.


Thanks for all the reply’s I appreciate it I will start with trying to obtain a the first class and also they dropped it to from a DUI to a DWAI because of my clean background not sure if that make a difference??


The FAA asks what you were charged with, not what it was dropped to or what you pleaded to. They are not nearly as forgiving as the states are.