EASA CPL to FAA Conversion and Hour requirements


I am an US Citizen currently located in Germany. I have done my EASA CPL/IR and am about to start my MEL training.
The conversion process to a FAA seems straight forward.
All hours flown in Germany will be accounted towards the desired license or rating (e.g. IR or CPL)

I also have an MBA and a Diploma Degree (somewhere between a Bachelor and a masters degree) in electrical engineering.

My goal is to cut down the minimum hours required as much as possible (R-ATP with e.g. 1250).
I understand this is possible wit a degree in aviation major from an university.
Does anyone know if anything from my previous education will be accounted?

Thanks in advance.
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The 1250 reduction is only available IF the flight training was done as part of the degree program, not simply if you obtain an aviation degree.
See FAR Part 61-160: 3 (ii) The required flight training was completed as part of an approved part 141 curriculum at the institution of higher education or at a part 141 pilot school that has a training agreement under §141.26 of this chapter with the institution of higher education;


Dear Adam,

thanks for the fast reply.
You don’t know if these institutions will credit any previous educations?

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The colleges might be able to assign some credit for your classes, but you will not be eligible for the flight time reduction.


Hello everyone
I would appreciate an advice from Adam and Chriss and thank you guys for your time and help and prompt reply always .
I hold an EASA Frozen ATPL CPL ME IR with 233 total hours , also I have a bachelors degree of mechanical engineering , am a permanent resident in the United States ( Hawaii ) and I just came back to settle down and work on converting my commercial licence to FAA then get CFI rating and start working and building hours towards the regional airlines .
I have a dream of obtaining Jet experience as a pilot and learn the aviation business then start my own air cargo company in Africa .
I have contacted liberty university last week and they confirmed credit transfers for obtaining FAA CPL and mechanical bachelors up to 90 hours out of 120 total required for bachelors of aviation management which will include the required flying hours for conversion and CFI rating with a partner school in Virginia .
I need your advice about the aviation management degree and the routes to navigate to airlines .
I hope am not diverting the post conversation and thank you in advance


It sounds like you are pretty well set with Liberty, but I would also investigate other options.

As for your route to the airlines, take a look at the FAQ section as many of your questions will be answered there.


Thank you Chris