Easiest Way to Work Abroad

Hi there,

I am wondering what the most direct path would be to work for an airline abroad? I am just researching with flight schools to enroll in and don’t know if I should try a flight school in Australia or NZ? Then seeing if I can get a job with a regional airline in those countries.

Have you heard of anyone getting a work visa after finishing flight school in either of those countries?

I realize that it might make more sense to get training in the US and then try move abroad? Appreciate any advice.



While many foreign pilots come to the US to fly, it’s often not so easy for US pilots to fly overseas, particularly in Australia or NZ. While Asia and the Middle East welcome US pilots Europe and Australia does not. They have different licensing procedures and more important it can be very challenging to get a work visa as a pilot (I know a few pilots who tried and were unsuccessful). If your desire is in fact to work there I would contact Regionals in those countries and ask them directly. If you want to fly in Asia or the Middle East, that’s an easier transition however they are only looking for type rated pilots with experience and flight time in specific airplanes.